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Our Mission here at S.O.U.L. is to empower our current and future generations through our weekly S.O.U.L Sista Sessions, 1:1 mentoring and Self-development Courses for teens and tweens. We aim to provide them with skills that will help them to become the best version of themselves. They will learn to make choices around their own unique values and together become a community that lives and thrives together and not just survives alone.


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S.O.U.L 1:1 Mentoring

Here at S.O.U.L we believe it takes a village to raise a child. Therefore we know the importance of teens and tweens having other adults in their lives that they can talk to and feel safe sharing and learning from. So we offer one on one mentoring for tweens and teens.

S.O.U.L Sista Sessions

We host beautiful S.O.U.L Sista Sessions where girls can come together and conduct wholesome, nurturing discussion in a group setting.  Coming together as a group is so powerful and together we discuss, laugh and cry about any topics that may come up for them.

S.O.U.L Workshops

A place for girls to come along and join other girls their own age in a fun, safe environment to learn how to truly be the best version of herself through goal setting, positive mindset, nourishing the body & celebrating being the beautiful creation she truly is.

“Leah is a caring, thoughtful, beautiful soul who is naturally gifted in holding a nurturing space for youth. With her unique background in youth work, personal triumphs and dedication to constant self-development, Leah brings a wealth of experience. But it’s her ability to present that knowledge in an easy-to-digest way and facilitate open group discussions that allow her students to truly shine”

Amanda Rootsey

Director, Shine From Within

“Leah was fantastic. She really got through to the girls on a personal level. They all came away happy and enlightened ready to learn more about how to feel good about themselves. They also came away with positive life skills that will serve them well in the years to come. If you have a daughter and want to set them up well for how to deal with the roller coaster of life. Go along and see what its all about.”

Jaymee Haack

Director/Dancer, Dance Form Professional Dance Studio

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Whether you are a tween, teen or parent we would love to hear from you so please drop us a line and say hi so we can connect.